Hydrostatic Testing & Fuel Terminal Calibration, Repairs & Maintenance

Hydrostatic Testing

At Fuel Calibration Services, our experts provide safe and proficient hydrostatic testing to determine the integrity and soundness of pressure vessels such as pipes, hoses and fittings, making sure your equipment operates safely and in accordance with industry standards.


Utilizing NATA calibrated test equipment, we ensure each component is in working order. Our specialists provide both on-site and workshop testing. Backed by NATA accreditation, our hydrostatic testing specialists ensure the highest standard of workmanship is maintained.


All hydrostatic tests are conducted under the constraints of either the industry’s or the customer’s specifications. We provide a certificate of compliance immediately upon completion to ensure operations can continue straight away. 


With more than 30 years’ combined industry experience, our experts conduct hydrostatic testing for clients in the petrochemical, aviation, nautical, oil and gas, mining and defence sectors. We constantly maintain full ISO 17025 accreditation.

Pipe being lifted by crane
Diesel fuel
Testing fuel pump

Fuel Terminal Calibration Repair & Maintenance

Without regular calibration a bulk flow meter like any other measuring instrument will drift out of accuracy thereby impacting directly on business performance and profit margins.

As calibration is a statutory requirement if a bulk flow meter is to be used for trade purposes, regular certification to meet the National Measurement Institute requirements is in itself an asset to any business.

Our highly qualified technicians only use quality NATA calibrated reference equipment to ensure that the most precise calibration results are achieved. Being noted experts in repair, maintenance and calibration of fuel depots and equipment our calibration certificate is one of the most widely recognized and accepted in the region.

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